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Etisalat is a multinational, blue-chip organization with operations in 15 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It is one of the leading telecommunication operator and a large scale corporation. Etisalat was founded in 1976 and in 1982 it launches the Middle East first mobile network. In 1983, the United Arab Emirates government gets 60% share in the company and remaining 40% is traded publicly. Since then Etisalat has been serving its people by creating modern telecom infrastructure and through innovations.Over the last 41 years, by providing reliable and high quality services, Etisalat has almost touched the heart of every people. Etisalat is ground-breaking numerous advanced ‘green’ technologies and is a provincial leader in providing environmentally friendly information and communication solutions. Etisalat successfully reaches all its targets and objectives; creating high revenue in the picture. Etisalat actual performance has always met its potential performance; hence growing globally and effectively. (Annual report 2012, business snapshot from ASSESSING GROWTH STRATEGIES INTENSIVE GROWTH Market-penetration strategy  is an official website of Etisalat which provides essential information to new and existing customers. This includes:  Online billing system- existing customers can pay, recharge, re-register mobile numbers, check call rates and call log.  Promotions- new promotions and offers are always put on the website. For example: ‘Get two months rental free with the new business ultimate post paid connection.’ ‘Exchange your old phone with a new 3G Smartphone; for only AED 299- from 24th March, 2014 to 24th June, 2014.’ (  Pa... ... middle of paper ... ...on of becoming one of the most admirable telecommunications companies in the world.’ (Elissa Mohammed Al Suwaidi, chairman’s statement; Annual report 2012 from Etisalat is the fastest growing telecommunication industry with latest creativity, innovation, products and service. Etisalat focus on the ‘quality’ of product and service it provides with reasonable cost. Its network coverage is its strength and it doesn’t leave behind any opportunity to grow. Etisalat takes every initiative with using plans and strategies. Etisalat creates high revenue every year, which proves that the gap between potential and actual performance is either least or no gap but yet every industry wants to grow more and so does ‘Etisalat’. The success of Etisalat is due to the differentiation in growth strategies it implants.
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