Master's in Dental Hygiene

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A clinician by profession (2010) and an idealist by nature I believe that life should be lived most effectively. According to me the most effective way to fulfil my personal goals is to take the knowledge I acquire through a Master’s degree in dental hygiene program, and use it in my arsenal to educate people in my community about oral health and its determinants. A career as a dental hygiene instructor for a basic preparation dental hygiene program is my opportunity to not only effectively utilize my leadership skills to facilitate a well coordinated learning milieu for dental hygiene students, but also to advocate various inter related dental hygiene roles such as that of a clinician and a researcher in the dental hygiene environment. An excellent communicator of ideas backed up with an intuitive personality, makes me an ideal candidate to grow as a clinician and assume the role of an educator in a dental hygiene setting.

Growing up in a family of professionals, where my father is an ophthalmologist and my mother a clinical nutritionist, I have constantly been urged to carve my own niche by excelling not only in academics but also in extra -curricular activities such as theatre, public speaking, writing, and swimming. My parents’ continual encouragement has helped mould me into a well-rounded, confident individual, comfortable with handling pressure and responsibility and I am eager and ambitious to make my mark on the world. However first I need to complete my education and acquire tools from it to add in my arsenal to succeed as an educator in the field of dental hygiene. A Master of Science in dental hygiene from UCSF is the next step in my pursuit for planning a career. This one year program has an attractive design tha...

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...dimensions of my personality, and helped me realize that a career as an oral health care educator is befitting of my personality and personal goals.

For me, a graduate degree is not simply a means to an end. I wish to develop program goals for a dental hygiene program in my areas of research interests, and utilize my skills as an oral health care educator to help build a team of dental hygiene professionals who will assume the responsibility of health care promotion with greater understanding of the increasing awareness among the community about oral health care benefits, and risk factors. In order to make the best of my time in graduate school, I seek a program with the best faculty, and resources that will help me achieve my goals. I hope that I am offered an opportunity to not simply study at UCSF, but also collaborate my research interests with your faculty.
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