Master´s Degree in Computer Science with Specialisation in Computer Science and Networks

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When I look back at my life, I see the dots which got interconnected and carved a path leading to my interest to pursue Master's degree in Computer Science with specialisation in Computer Systems and Networks.
I come from a small town, Rabkavi situated in Karnataka, India. Right through my school days mathematics was my favourite subject. I hit the bull's eye by securing an out of out score in my final year of School. I could solve problems of class 10th when I was in my 8th class. Besides Mathematics, Science was my other favourite. I scored 97/100 in science.
The working of computers fascinated me no end and the networking of computers simply mesmerized me. This made me curious to understand these technologies in depth and to contribute to their further development. My good scores in mathematics and science at the 10th and Pre University level helped me in getting admission to the bachelor of engineering program on merit. In the engineering college I was lucky to have the guidance of a competent faculty. Seeing my interests in computers and networking I was advised to focus on subjects like “C” programming, microprocessors, data structures and protocols that are essential to pursue higher studies in this area. I took this advice seriously and started on my journey to realize my ambitions.
In my first year of Engineering I studied inter disciplinary subjects and Programming fundamentals with C. “C Programming language” by Denis Ritchie helped me understanding the basics of “C”. My grasp of the subject helped me top the class. In the 5th semester, I successfully organized an event on C programming, “Ritchie fest”. My inquisitive nature made me undertake various assignments in C few of which are banking software, mobile message inb...

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...tworks. Finding the right place to pursue the Graduate program is a challenge in itself. I looked at the course offerings of many Universities. I find that the curriculum at your university offers an excellent opportunity for me to work with the eminent professors. I am interested to work with Associate Professor Yashar Ganjali, Professor Peter Marbach and Assistant Professor Bianca Schroeder. If given an opportunity, I am sure that I will utilize my complete potential to contribute to the research going on at present in the university. After the completion of graduate studies, I look forward to being an Industrial Researcher and contribute to the cutting edge technology.
It will be my privilege to pursue my graduate studies at your Institution. I will surely live up to the expectations of the distinguished faculty members and uphold the prestige of your institute.