Master's Degree In Computer Science

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My main objective of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science is to expand my

horizon and knowledge in this domain and also to place myself at a premier position in

the highly competitive IT industry. I am primarily interested in Artificial Intelligence

(AI) or Data Management. Having done an internship for 6 months, gave me an exposure

to a professional environment in which I could implement my knowledge. It also gave me

a deeper understanding of numerous fundamental concepts of Computer Science and

provided me with a strong groundwork for my further education. My academic curriculum in School was responsible for molding my interest in Computer

Science. I got introduced to programming while I was studying in 8th grade, it made me

very excited and I showed immense interest in this field. I have learnt C++ in 8th grade

and Java (BlueJ) in 9th as well as in 10th grade. In 10th grade, I have secured 90% in

Computer Application and have been among the toppers of our school in this subject.

After the 10th grade I was motivated to take Computer Science as specialization in Senior

High School (11th and 12th). In 12th grade, I secured 85.5% in Computer Science. Though

I come from a family of Accounts and Finance professionals, I decided to follow my

passion and took admission in Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT), a

renowned college for Bachelors in Information Technology.

After I joined PICT for my Bachelors’ program, I was exposed to an advanced

curriculum, a well-equipped computer laboratory and acquired expertise and knowledge

from the highly qualified teaching staff. During the four-year program in Information

Technology, I learnt several programming languages including C, C++, Java, Assembly


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I strongly think that a Master’s Degree in Computer Science will help me understand

advanced concepts in the fields that I intend to specialize. Not only will the degree give

me a head start but it will also help me uncover new areas in the fields of Artificial

Intelligence or Data Management. I believe that Rochester Institute of Technology is a

place where I can gain knowledge and experience needed to accomplish my goal of

becoming a computer programmer with proficiency in the mentioned specialization. I

understand that your university is among the premier Computer Science colleges.

Excellent teaching faculty and outstanding research opportunities have led me to seek

admission at your prestigious university. I think a renowned university like yours, having

a distinguished academic environment will enable me to explore my potential to the

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