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Steps Immigrants can take to Master English Language Skills
English skills are vital to succeeding in life, in terms of education, career, and personal relationships. There are immigrants that come from all over the world to the United States and the hardest thing for them is to learn to master English language skills. Being in a country whose people speak and write in another language is difficult to understand, but it is necessary to master it. Mastering English language skills is the most important ability that immigrants need to learn, so that they can gain employment. Immigrants with strong English skills will be able to find and get a job easier than those that have some or no English skills. There are some jobs that offer employment
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Listening to everything in English like the radio, podcast or watching a television show would help develop listening skills. When immigrants watch a show or a movie, it is beneficial for them to put English subtitles so that they can match the words that they know with their correct pronunciation. However, be exposed to a variety of shows and series, don 't only listen to the same type of English like the news or a television shows. Interactive listening is the best form of listening because it involves someone talking face to face with another person. When people talk in person, they listen more carefully, and they also think about how they are going to respond back to them. Don’t only spend time talking to people that speak the same language, but do some kind of sports, hobby’s or other activities with friends that speak English. Spending hours and hours listening to people speaking English will help develop listening skills. Listen to things that are interesting. If someone doesn’t enjoy something, it 's going to be hard for them to continue because they are going to get bored and…show more content…
Reading is a fundamental skill to learn in a new country. There are words and letters everywhere, so it is essential for immigrants to master this skill in order for them to understand what those words say. Reading books daily will make it easier to understand what those words mean. Putting maximum effort in achieving this skill can open a new world like how it did with Malcolm X. For the desire of knowledge, Malcolm X stayed up all night just reading books because he knew that education was his passport for the future. When he was in prison he used to spend his days in the library and in his prison cell reading books. He used to get outraged when the lights turned off at ten p.m. because he could not continue reading, so he used the glow of a light outside his prison cell to read all night. When someone encounters a new word it is good to define it so that when they read it they will be able to understand what you are reading. Before learning how to read, Malcolm X began to copy the dictionary page after page and when he finished copying the dictionary, he got a book and began to understand what the definition of the words that he read. Making a habit of reading regularly will help expand someone’s vocabulary. Reading outload will force someone to go slower and this gives them more time to process what they
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