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The Massively Multiplayer Online Game or MMOG is an online game that incorporates over two people at the same time in a consistent or constant virtual world. "These worlds are the dreams of science fiction writers that are played by gamers who at times would be willing to pay a monthly fee." (Gamespy) Every year a new generation of MMOG’s come to the front, some stand tall while the rest are swept aside by the old favorites. In the past MMOG’s were just plain two dimensional pixeles, until the later years. The coding and development process improved the graphics transforming the old, but still commonly used two dimensional pixel graphics three dimensional, or 3D. The old MMOGS used to be a variation of two dimensional and early three dimensional elements. The oldest of these was HABITAT; “The first garphical online virtual world that held lots of players -over 16- was HABITAT, and that was in the mid eighties” (Game Spy Staff). After the creation of HABITAT, other online services came to life. These services were known as the Imagination Network [formerly known as Sierra Network], and Genie. These two companies produced games such as Yserbius and Air Warrior, though neither of these games were true online games. Honestly the first true MMOG was known as Meridian 59. Meridian 59 was produced by an external company and was released in 1996. M59 incorporated a great amount of gamers into one constant virtual world. Following Meridian 59 came Ultima Online. UO was a top down 2.5 dimensional graphical Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game or MMORPG. Though UO was released just one year after Meridian 59, it still showed how much MMOGs have greatly improved, yet compared to the modern MMOGs they were nothing. The games from the year 2003 are good examples. The game known as Endless Ages has pretty good graphics compared to the 2007 games, and is still quite entertaining. According to players though, quite a few of the monsters that one would battle, “Look like they crwaled out of the pages of a Dr. Seuss book!” (Gamespy). The MMOG known as Planet Side, is a truly interactive online game that was produced by Sony Online Entertainment or SOE. It has been said that Planet Side was a very beautifuly made game. In the MMOG industry there are three major corporations, they are: BioWare, Blizzard, and Electronic Arts. BIOWARE is an electronic entertainment company
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