Massive Incarceration

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1524 words

In the U.S.A, many people may argue that racial disparity is non-existent in today’s time. Those people usually are ignorant to the fact that America still have room for growth. From the slavery days, to segregation, to now, a time where a white and black person can sit down together in the same setting and be civilized is great, but if the two get into an illegal situation and both have to be on tried, who will be the one that is cruelly convicted? Who sentencing will have more time? The Black man, in all cases this may not be true, but in most cases it is. So therefore, in America, the Criminal justice system still has a way of bringing the African-American community down through Massive Incarceration. Since the beginning, African-Americans …show more content…

Back in slavery, slaves owners made a profit off the labor of the crop their slaves made by picking cotton. Today, prisons are funded by each prisoner they hold, so the more prisoners the more money they have. The familiarity in the two is sickening, especially because it has been decades since that time and you can still see the trends in the mistreatment of black people. Yes, it is not as brutal as back then but that does not justify it. An article states, “It is not surprising that poor people of color have been incarcerated disproportionately during the massive increase in imprisonment that has occurred in the nation since the early 1980s” (Issues). Displaying in statistics, it is factual that massive incarceration in the black community isn’t something new to the country it has been going on since the 1980s, that was decades ago, and still in 2017 it is an ongoing problem. People recognizing the problem and stop ignorantly ignoring it. Another article recognizes and states that, “It’s taken a long time for this blind spot to be recognized. Much of the debate about prisons has focused on disparities in the justice system, and rightly so, Western says. The problem begins there”( The Washington Post). This meaning the problem solving won’t start until the problem is acknowledged. That’s the first step into solving this problem. Many people do not understand what blacks go …show more content…

In conclusion, this problem can be fixed by putting the communities together and by stopping the continuous segregation between whites and blacks in America. Also, America has room for improvement in its justice system and it starts when people realize it’s not perfect and when they realize that Africans Americans are still being put down. Mass incarceration affects not only just one person but affects generations of an entire society. When it’s constantly happening everyday it takes a toll on families, when their missing important people in their lives, whether it be a Father, son, mother, daughter. Mistreatment of Africans Americans have been going on for years now and you can still see the history repeating itself with keeping the community down. Therefore, people need to put aside their differences and stop trying to overlook the problem and handle it in order to move straight forward as a

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that massive incarceration in america proves that we are still under a racially biased government.
  • Explains that in america, 1 in 9 black children have a parent in prison, which is the highest incarceration rate in the world.
  • Analyzes how white america's incarceration of the negro leads to a vicious cycle of repeating generations.
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