Massacre Of Nanking Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Japanese soldier barge into your house, rape your mother and sister, and then kill your father, all while you’re being forced to watch? Hopefully not, but unfortunately at one point in our history, that has happened to hundreds of thousands of people of Nanking, China. This Rape of Nanking or Massacre of Nanking can sometimes be referred to as the “forgotten Holocaust of WWII” seeing as it took place close to the start of the Second World War and is not nearly talked about as much as the German Holocaust with the Jews. It all happened in December of 1937, when Nanking fell to the Japanese.
The United States could possibly be blamed for Japan’s aggression in my opinion. Unlike most countries, Japan did not advance during the Industrial Revolution due to its isolation. It wasn’t until 1852 when Millard Fillmore sent Matthew Perry to Japan that their isolation began to end. At one point, Perry sent steam powered ships into Tokyo Bay giving the Japanese their first look at steam power, something they’ve not experienced yet (Chang, Iris 21). Upon seeing these ships, the Japanese prepared for battle but ended up having to just acknowledge the fact that American military technology was superior. During this visit, Perry was able to get Tokugawa, which was the leader of Japan, to sign treaties with the United States and open its doors to trade with the other countries. This obviously angered people of Japan, but they realized that a war would do nothing but hurt themselves (21). They wanted to prepare themselves to eventually fight, but the Tokugawa preferred to just watch and wait which made people question the power of the shogun and they eventually wanted the emperor to be able to...

... middle of paper ... massacres, but it serves the purpose of reminding us of what some people have gone through. The Rape of Nanking is important because it shows us what we could be going through, but luckily, we aren’t going through any of what the Chinese had to deal with. Yes, at any time a country could attack the United States and attempt to take over North Tonawanda, but in this day in age it seems more unlikely. I’m not sure if I feel this way because I live in the United States and know my country has a strong and powerful military, but it could be different for other people in other countries. Some may be facing starvation, or poverty, but at least they aren’t getting raped by multiple soldiers, decapitated, and used as bayonet practice. The Rape of Nanking is important because it’s able to tell us to be grateful for our lives now becausewe could have it so much worse.
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