Massachusetts Bay Colony Dbq

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1. Vocabulary Words (All lessons) Charter- A document allowing a person or a group to do something Invest- To put money into something to try and earn more money Stock- A piece of ownership in a company Cash Crop - A crop that people grow and sell to earn money Indentured servant - Someone who agreed to work for a number of years in exchange for the cost of a voyage to North America Pilgram - A person who makes a long trip for religious reasons Compact - An agreement Cape - A strip of land that stretches into a body of water Diversity - Different people in a group Tolerance - Respecting one's beliefs that are different from your own Missionary- A person who teaches their religion to other people who believe in something else Claim …show more content…

****Did the puritans want to separate from the Church of England? Why or why not? (3) They did not want to separate from their church. Thy wanted to make themselves, and their church pure, or free of fault. 12. What did the Pilgrims call their colony? (3) They named it Plymouth after a town in England. 13. What did the English Puritans call their colony? (3) The Massachusetts Bay Colony. 14. ***What helped make the Puritans more successful than the Jamestown colonists? (3) The Puritans were better prepared that the Pilgrims for many reasons. One of the reasons is because they had a group with many people who were good at different things. This affected them because maybe some knew how to grow crops, some new how to farm, and many more. They also set sail in March, so they arrived at a good time to plant crops. 15. What did the Dutch call their new land? What did the French call their new land? (4) The Netherland and New France. 16. Why did the New Amsterdam settlers refuse to fight the English? (4) They did not fight because they did not like their governor Peter Stuyvesant. 17. Who settled in New France, and what did they do? (4) Not many people lived in New France. but soon missionaries move to New France. They built many missions throughout New

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  • Defines an indentured servant as someone who agreed to work for years in exchange for the cost of a voyage to north america.
  • Defines missionary as a person who teaches their religion to others who believe in something else.
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