Mass School Shootings in America

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School shootings have been occurring all over the country. All of these school incidents are leading to one or more deaths. Many people think that it will never happen to them, but it could. After a school shooting occurs it may seem like everything is different, and has changed. This is the reason why many students are afraid to go to school and is so concerned about their safety. Many of these schools shooting are happening in suburban areas where many people think it is safe but while the school districts are focusing on keeping the violates out of city schools they forgot about the rest.

School shootings have had a political impact on the society; bring some people to press for stricter gun control laws. The National Rifle Association is opposed to such laws, and some groups have called for fewer gun control laws citing cases of armed students ending shootings and halting further loss of an innocent person life. One such example is the Mercaz HaRav Massacre which happened on March 6, 2008 where the attacker was not stopped by police but by a student, who stopped the attacker by shooting him with his personal firearm that was in his car which he lawfully carried concealed.

Bullying is a problem that can provoke a shooting at a school. Studies have found that children who bully are more likely to come from homes with certain characteristics like: A lack of supervision by parents; Harsh, physical discipline; and Bullying incidences inside the home. Many bullies are most likely to carry a weapon and start drinking alcohol at a young age.

Detecting if somebody is being bullied can be difficult and helping to resolve that issue can be worst. Children that are being bullied have tendencies to have unexplained cuts, bruises, and scratches; has few with whom he or she spends time with; takes a long unreasonable route when walking to or from school. Trying to resolve the issue can be worst because you don’t want to embarrass your child so the easiest thing to do is to let your child know they are not alone and believe everything they tell you. Parents that show up to the school all the time shouldn’t because showing up a will give the other students something else to bully your child about.

Ways to prevent school shootings are still being discussed with-in the school systems but here are some ways like metal detectors in all schools will help because it will help detect any illegal weapons like guns and knives.
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