Mass Media: The Shaping of America in its Global Image

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Mass Media: The Shaping of America in its Global Image
Throughout the years, the mass media has become a rising industry in the United States. It has risen more and more each year within the past decade with advances in technology. With all the good in technology, however, the rising mass media industry has also hurt America. The mass media shapes how the world views the American society negatively through communications, broadcasting, journalism, and the social media.
The communications industry has been prevalent in America through all of the nation’s existence from the earliest letters in its colonial times to its smartphones today. One of today’s most common means of communication is the cell phone. Cell phones have risen to the millions in only a few short years. University of Pittsburgh professor Alexandros Labrindis states, “Cell phones went from zero in the global population in 1982 to 3.3 billion in 2008, serving about half of the world’s population. Not even the polio vaccine was distributed that fast” (Cronin).
Along with cell phones, there is an even more advanced form known as the “smartphone.” These types of cell phones give its users access to the Internet and are equipped with many different programs known as applications or “apps.” The ever-growing number of these smartphones has changed the American lifestyle. Surveys conducted in June 2013 stated that well over half of all American adults own a smartphone. Two years prior only about thirty-five percent owned one. Only four years before that, Apple Inc. released the iPhone, the world’s first modern smartphone (Rogowsky).
Cell phones have given Americans the ability to connect with the world via call and text message. Having this ability, however, can g...

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how social media has raised the rate of cyberbullying and sexting.
  • Explains that mass media is a constantly growing industry, and more opportunities are coming for the communications, broadcasting, journalism and social media industries. the next generation of americans must bear that weight on their shoulders to create an image of the nation's people.
  • Opines that smartphones rise from gadget to tool of necessity. cronin, mike.
  • Analyzes how the rising mass media industry has hurt america. cell phones have given americans the ability to connect with the world via call and text message.
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