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“Sociology Of Mass Media” Sociology is the study of the development of structure, and functioning of human society or the study of social problems .Socialization is a lifelong process through which people learn the patterns of their culture, including behavioral expectations, values, and truths. This process is facilitated by groups and institutions such as the family unit, the educational system, peer groups, and the mass media. Researches in sociology and related social sciences over the relative importance and impact of these agents on individual behavior have raged for decades with little resolution.
However, the mass media's increasing ubiquity and ever divergent forms leave little question as to their pervasiveness. While
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Sociologists study mass media especially to see how it shapes people's values, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior. For example, mass media contributes to socialization, including gender socialization, as when movies implicitly teach young people that it is wrong for females to have many sexual partners. Mass media also affects social movements; for example, news coverage of these Dharnas in Pakistan really helping people to change their views about government and opposition parties . Another topic is the relation between media and social power. For example, if mass media powerfully influences beliefs and behavior, and it is controlled by relatively few individuals, those individuals have significant power even in democratic…show more content…
They can form or modify the public opinion in different ways. Pakistan media influenced the public opinion by repeated telecast of video clips whether it’s right or wrong. Even the government candidates who can pay more to media have more influence on public opinion and thus can receive more votes. Power of the media can transform the whole society especially in developing countries, it can be used as a 'weapon of mass destruction’. But the most important use of media is to educate the people about the basic human rights.Education and discipline is key to progress. This is the difference between a nation and a crowd. Media men have access to people/ society and they have an audience. Their programs have an impact and people listen to them. That's why they are more responsible for the betterment of the society. They should work to educate the people, to help the people and to liberate the people and to empower the people. In the past when the media was not so strong people were quite ignorant about what is happening around them. But today we come to know very quickly what is happening around us. We have the access to all the international news channels that provide us the facts

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