Mass Manipulation Essay

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In recent years, the word “Media” has become a controversial subject due to the reputation that has been formed surrounding it. When defined, “Media” can refer to any form of mass communication, designed to convey information around the globe. However, due to the influential nature of broadcasting, large corporations such as the American broadcasting Corporation (ABC) manipulate reality in order to convey a specific ideology. Under certain circumstances, mass-manipulation of such information can vastly impact the perception of the public on issues such as insurgency in the Middle East. An example of this effect is the aftermath of 9/11, the monumental act of aggression and revolt that took place on the morning of September 11th 2001 in New York City, NY. At 9:03 am United Flight 175, a Boeing 757, was flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. The aircraft entered the south face at floors 77-85, controlled by several men of Middle Eastern ethnicity (Federal Bureau of Investigation). In the wake of tragedy, the gap between religion and ethnicity was merged. All those of Middle Eastern ethnicity, or Islamic practice (collectively referred to as “Muslims”), were negatively isolated and integrated into the world of broadcasting. It took mere minutes for reports of the catastrophe to be broadcasted globally and mere days Muslims across the United States to become the central target of discrimination. The imagery, videos and language used to represent innocent civilians of the Middle East have been successful in generating a common sense of fear and uncertainty, in regards to what the future holds, across the country. Corporations such as the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Cable News Network (CNN) devotedly b...

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...hysteria” affect (Kellner 45). Mass hysteria is defined to be a large population in which all members exhibit similar mental agitation. In reference to 9/11, employing the technique of hysteria was designed to create a fear that would have previously not existed, by promoting the viewers to make a connection between insurgency and average civilians in the Middle East.

In conclusion, a large portion of the stigma we associate with Muslim Americans today can be accredited to the American National News, whom frequently broadcast biased material that conveys nefarious stereotypes and promotes negative attitudes. In order to reverse the false perception, and negative demeanor Americans carry in regards to Muslims, awareness must be raised about the manipulation techniques used by the mass media that influence the public opinion on the controversial subject of terrorism.