Mass Incarceration And Race In The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

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Mass incarceration and race have been issues since the late 1950’s. Blacks and Latinos have been mistreated and have had unequal rights for decades. “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander shows us how the discrimination against blacks and Latinos has evolved over time in regards to the War on Drugs. It claims that the drug policy is mainly reinforced for people of color, keeping Black and Latinos incarcerated (or keep them in poverty). People of color have always been portrayed to be the reason as to why we have mass incarceration; it’s based on the individual’s racial background. Society has always treated people of color as if they weren’t part of the human world. The Jim Crow laws discriminated colored people when it came to employment,…show more content…
If my father was sent to prison due to a minor crime or because of his race, then it was presumed that he had taken part in the crime, making my perspective in life different. Instead of feeling safe around police officials I’d feel scared of being taken away to prison because of how my race is viewed. People of color will feel scared of higher authorities since that’s what is put in their head when they see their parents being incarcerated for minor crimes. “If [blacks] conduct themselves in an orderly was, they will not have to worry about police brutality” (Alexander, pg. 42) is what white people would say; since they think they’re of higher class. As a Latina, woman I went to school that was diverse and consisted of blacks and Latinos, with only a handful of white people. This changes your perception and how you view society. While a school with 95% of white kids don’t see the reality of low-class people of color. Even though Latina women are not stated in “The New Jim Crow” they to have an impact in discrimination. White society thinks that they’re automatically immigrants and they think you have no potential. White supremacy is taking over opportunities for success for people of color, especially Black and Latino men by putting them in
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