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1. List and Embellish upon, why you deem yourself worthy of receiving a scholarship: I deem myself worthy of receiving this scholarship, because it would be not only be a relief to my parents who have had to suffer through financial burden, of a down syndrome child with many medical bills, but also I want to be a relief to them with me not being a finical burden for college. Since I was born my older sister Sarah, has been diagnosed of Diabetes and Downsydrome. Over the years the medical bills have been overwhelming, and a burden on any finical aid we are unable to receive. To receive this scholarship will help be a relief to my parents that it is less money out the door that needs to be paid to send me to school, and more money they have on to spend on the medical bills. I feel like I am very worthy of receiving this scholarship, and would be very grateful to be some relief to my parents. 2. What person(s) and event(s) had a significant influence upon helping to shape your life? Please share your reasons for your choices: The person and event that has a had a significant influence in shaping my life is God, and how he had changed my life completely since I was a lost middleschooler and freshmen. I had always grown up in a Christian house hold, and when I was seven I had thought I “accepted” Christ into my life. I didn’t know however, what that really meant. After “accepting him” I grew up thinking I had but not actually living like a Christian, especially in middle school. Consistory I was picked on in middle school for my weight, since I hadn’t hit my growth spurge. That had taken a hug toll on my self-esteem and led to eating disorders. I in addition had turned against God and refused to acknowledge someone who I felt turned a... ... middle of paper ... ...etion of my college education, I plan to take my education to work with special needs children, and I hopefully can in the future find a way to make a facility or a gym where they are able to come and seek therapy and work out in a fun way where they are able to build strength that benefits specifically people with special needs and disabilities. My education, as an occupational therapist, will enable me to help any type of person, be able to work there motor skills again. By helping people learn motor skills, I will be influencing them to learn everyday skills such as buttoning there pants, or picking up a fork, or even pinching their fingers together. Then hopeful in the future my education will lead me to influencing people with special needs to encourage them to build their strength by providing a facility specifically made for them and their needs, of exercise.

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