Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs In Nursing

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What is a profession? The focus of this paper is to choose an occupation that is considered a profession and describe the criteria below. I chose to write about nursing as profession because currently I am a registered nurse. This paper focuses on nursing as a profession, how is he Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs are used in nursing, and what nursing expertise do nurses use to meet certain needs. Nursing is a profession that addresses patients’ needs effectively. Throughout, this paper will describe the key competencies that are needed for professional success. As a nurse, it is very important to provide proper care to the patient as nursing is a very difficult and fast pace job. (1) by using the central and common features of a profession, argue…show more content…
Easier way to put this theory is that in order to satisfy higher order needs, the lower order needs have to be met first. Nursing serves all of these needs to be addresses in the manner of courses of treatment. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is oriented towards the interventions that needs to be taken into consideration to improve the patients’ health by making a change in their habits, this is done to get better outcomes for the patient. An example would be that of a alcohol abuse. The nurse seeks the help of outpatient treatment programs which can help the addict to recover from alcohol abuse because that basic level of health is important in order to restore safety (reliable food, shelter) and social needs (a proper job, family). All the people tend to satisfy these basic needs first which leads to self-actualization. Other needs required by patient include of safety, belonging, and love. Nurses have chances to address these needs by providing personalized care to all the patient by making sure that there is good communication between the nurse and the patient. Feedback in return is what upholds the relationship between a nurse and a

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