Maslow 's Pyramid And Its Effect On My Life

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As far as assessing my days, I personally do not think I fit this theory exactly. I believe I am all over the place when it comes to Maslow’s pyramid. I spend a lot of time in the aesthetic need areas, because I get ready for school, work, and sometimes even volunteering. I have to look presentable for some occasions throughout the day, which falls under this category. Making sure things are in order for my day is very important to me as well. Being disorganized can throw off my entire day! This takes up a lot of time during the day, more so than belongingness would. Some days the roles are reversed in my world. I often find myself rolling out of bed on my days off and relaxing with my boyfriend, which in this case would make my belongingness and esteem needs higher. I think my physiological and safety needs are about the same on certain days. One is not always great than another! As far as motivations are concerned, my motivational differences are very apparent between my two days. I find myself more concerned about working to make money for food a bigger deal than sleeping some da...
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