Mash Up Critique

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In my mash up I consider the notion of evidence, starting from the meaning: “ground for belief; proof ” (evidence, n.d.). I establish evidence as everything that is used to determine or demonstrate the truth. The statement “Photography is no longer evidence for anything”, leaves a lot to be determined. In order to explore this, I focused my efforts not on the topic of digital manipulation but on the manipulation of the subject and its intention to provoke response in its audience. My approach constructs a narrative of confusion in every day life situations by using complexity, the notion of evidence and its use as proof or truth. There is no suggestion that the collection and integration of created images does not represent a truth or the notion of reality. When on a recent visit to Belgium, I attended the BOZAR exhibition titled Jeff Wall: The crooked Path, a collection of Jeff Wall’s best works and inspirations. The first piece I viewed was called “The Destroyed Room” (Wall, J. 1978), its violence, apparent spontaneity and destructive nature attracted me. This was my first encounter with Wall’s work. Before I had neither explanation nor knowledge of his method, I believed his work to be a candid snapshot in real time, thus providing evidence of a situation. After hearing “The Drestroyed Room’s” critique on the museum audio guide I found out that the photograph was not at all impromptu yet constructed and based around an existing painting called “The Death of Sardanapalus” (Delacroix, E. 1798) by Delacroix. I was fascinated with the construction of the piece and its message. This is the basis for the construction of my mash up. “Jeff Wall uses state-of-the art photographic and computer technology to create images that share ... ... middle of paper ... ...1 ( ), p581-592. Ifeoma. (2006). Jeff Wall Photographs 1978-2004. Available: Last accessed 12th Sep Choy, M. (2011). Photographer Jeff Wall- Mimic (1982). Available: Last accessed 12th Sept 2011. Hall, A. (2007). Jeff Wall. Available: Last accessed 13th Sept 2011 Wall, J. (1992). Dead Troops Talk. Available: Last accessed 13th Sept Unknown. (2003). Dead Troops Talk. Available: Last accessed 13th Sept 2011 Pincus, D. (2006). Jeff Wall Photographs 1978-2004. Available: Last accessed 13th Sept 2011.

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