Masculinity In The Movie 'Fruitvale Station'

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In the movie Fruitvale Station the main character is Oscar Grant. Oscar Grant, played by Michael B. jordan is male protagonist of the story. Jordan portrays the role as masculine through various acting skills. The first way that one can establish masculinity is through the dress of the character. Grant is dressed in a dark long sleeve shirt and sagging jeans. This style of dress is seen as masculine. The way that he speaks can also be seen as masculine. Grant uses the word “Bruh” often. It can be compared to the softer tone that the mother uses. The mother talks with a soft, nurtured tone. This can be seen in the jail visit scene. Grant got upset at the fact that his mother said that she wouldn’t visit him anymore. Grant becomes visibly upset and starts to yell and scream at his mother. He also begins to use profanity towards her. All the while, the mother continues to talk in her…show more content…
The daughter, Tatiana, represent the woman as a child. Tatiana relies heavily on her father. She looks up to him for care and nurture. Her role as a character represent how everyone starts learning to love through the emotional relationship with the Farter. The girlfriend, Sophina represent the woman’s role as a supporting figure to the man. Although in the beginning of the movie when they are arguing, Sophonia and Oscar show the positive relationship between a man and a woman. however, in this particular movie, the roles are switched. Sophina is taking the responsibility of the man’s role by supporting the family financially. The movie hints that Grant previously had a job but this isn 't the first time that sophina has to support the family. In the scene where Grant expresses that he no longer has the job Sophina is initially upset but calms down. after Grant reassures her that everything is going to be okay Sophia aks Grant not to put her in the position again, as if she has had to support the family

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