Masculinity Essay

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The term masculinities suggest there is more than one way to be a man, regardless of our knowledge about men’s day to day life; it is more complex than some of the stereotypes that exist about manhood. There is still a tendency for us to hold on to these stereotypes, and become fixated on them, especially ones about black Caribbean manhood. It is far too common that articles such as “The Envy of the Word: On Being a Black Man in America” associates black Caribbean manhood with violence, hypersexual and danger. Bell Hook 2004 provides lens with which to critically analyse theoretical perspectives that continue to affect black men’s masculinity. She states that during this period of slavery that “black men and white men did not share the same standards of masculinity.” The existence of one group that is symbolically and tangibly position as superior and then other groups, who are enslaved in the way in which racism was institutionalised in the society at that time, explains why large groups of blacks remain socially excluded. Furthermore it explains why these groups remain in poverty circumstances in post emancipation society. As a result of emancipation it did not necessary mean there was a change in attitudes towards formerly enslave people and many of the hierarchies which existed prior to emancipation continued. This essay cannot by any means address all the theoretical perspectives in masculinity however it will focus on three of them which are fatherhood, sexuality and men in the work place. This essay will reflect on the historical evidence which slavery has provided nevertheless this is not to say that slavery is the root from which all problems of black Caribbean men have originated. Secondly with the help of scholarly art... ... middle of paper ... ... for black men is the way in which patriarchal manhood is represented. Davis and Thomas 2006 also highlights this in their work by stating it reinforce masculine roles Today these elements are still with us, black men are facing high unemployment, low social and economic status, inadequate education and the inability to financial support or protect their families, this has resulted in violence begin used to represent their manhood. Nathan McCall 1995 examines the black man and states that young black men that used a gun obtains a level of respect which various society has deprive him of. During slavery black women also suffered at the hands of black men at a result on interpersonal violence just as the white man inflicted violence onto black bodies. This violence is evidence in the Caribbean today, the Caribbean has ,an extremely high rate of Domestic Violence. `

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