Masculine Myth

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The myth and reality of the cowboy shaped today’s definition of masculinity because they have this high and strong stature they need to uphold. Masculinity is having the traditional acts as a man, such as being strong and secure. In today’s word man and women have two different mindsets. Even though we are all humans, our gender defines the way we should act due to how society makes it. The myth has affected males physically, emotionally and mentally. The idea is that they are supposed to act accordingly. In reality, everyone wants to grow up differently, so why would they be forced to act/be a certain way. Masculine’s definition is stereotypically twisted.
Males are interesting objects. They have to keep their chest high and stand their ground.
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Growing up as a male, they will mainly hear these sayings all the time, “Be a man,” “Don’t show emotions,” “Don’t act like a girl,” “Be cool and better than others” and “Grow some balls.” There are many other things that have been said but I am pretty sure you get the point by now. Living in today 's society, in other to have that man box they have the obligation to prove their manliness. It controls and takes over their box. Especially during school, seeing all the bad males being favored for being mad, this makes the younger generation look up to them and want to be like them. Males are known to look for trouble, they don’t know why they do it, but it feels right when they do it because it 's the only way they can “earn” respect from friends and outsiders. Every male feels they deserve respect, they will try to get it no matter what, “Respect is linked to violence,” Dr. Marshal stated in the video “The Mask You Live in.” Males are aggressive, it’s like a special trait they’re known to have. IF violence I the only way they can get respect, then that’s what is indeed to happen. Males mask their feelings, and push everything out with actions. There is no need to be weak if they know can they can man up, “If I can man up, why step down from that,” said a student in the video “Mask You Live In.” Males know they can be superior, rough, the…show more content…
Sometimes young males are pressured way more than they should be, or at least that’s what I think. If a girl cries, she is greeted with kindness and condolences. On the other hand, if a boy cries, he is looked down on and called weak. This is where the man box come in, as a “man,” young boy or grown man, you cannot show emotion unless it is aggressiveness. You have to look fearful and immune to the weakness. The reactions to a boy crying can be accidental, “Out of my own frustration of my role and responsibility of building him up as a man to fit into the guidelines, defining man box,” Tony Porter said this in his video called “A call to men.” This is a good example of what I said earlier in this paragraph about how if a boy cries, the response he might get. Instead of listening to the reason a male might hurt or feeling “weak,” they are pressed to get rid of that emotion and man up. It probably takes more to make a male cry or weak, so why do we automatically get angry with them about something that is probably causing them to stress and wanting to hurt themselves? We hurt them more than help them when we do this. The fact that we are so hard on males, makes them not respect our females as much either. The ideal is, “Women are of less value, property of men and sexual object to men” said Tony Porter in the video, “A call to men.” The main problem here is that women deserve way more respect
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