Mary and the Girls

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Mary watched the water dance and sparkle in the bright sun, it was a perfect summers day, the beach was crowded with sun lovers and the smell of sunscreen and barbeques floated in the air. She drew in a deep breath enjoying the salt tang of the sea, then focused her look back at the two little girls playing in front of her.
They had all the serious concentration of four year olds as the dug a hole in the sand, then pouring water into it, giggling when it disappeared into the sand. Their brown curls shone and their little swimsuits were covered in wet sand. Mary also noticed that they were starting to look a little pink, so decided it was probably time to go rather than apply more sunscreen.
Both girls pouted when she told them to pack up their stuff and Hannah, the one more inclined to have a tantrum, threw her spade down and stomped her foot, but surprisingly didn’t go off. Finally Mary convinced both girls to pick up their towels and pack up their toys with the promise of frozen bananas at home. They then happily skipped across the hot sand to the car park signing nursery rhymes in high baby voices, making the people they passed smile.
Once at the car, Mary quickly dusted the girls down, put them into their car seats and loaded the boot when she felt a prickle on the back of her neck like someone was watching her, she turned and looked around, but there were too many people to pick out any one person. Odd, she thought then dismissed the feeling. She got into her car and slowly drove out of the car park, not noticing the sliver Porche Boxter that followed her out.

Jonathan smiled at the sight of the two little girls playing in the sand, they looked happy and their mother seemed to be watching them carefully, not letting them w...

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...hey are now? Of course someone would rent, maybe they,” a good looking man got out of the car. “Make that he, has just moved to Auckland, hasn’t had a chance or doesn’t want to buy. Thought of that?” Justine smiled and waved at him. Mary felt her face go read.
“Mum, did you have to?” Scott Junior groaned, “You’re so embarrassing.” The man turned towards them, smiled then continued into the yard.
“See, a little politeness goes a long way, he might come and see you now.” With a satisfied smile she got into her car.
“Can you stop her?” Mary asked Scott.
“No, and neither can you. I find it best to ignore these little embarrassing moments, but she’s right about meeting him, it will help reassure you, he’s probably harmless.”
“Probably, that’s meant to help? Thanks.” Scott grinned, got in the car and they drove off. Mary walked back inside and locked the door behind her.