Mary Wollstonecraft: The Life Of Women And Society

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Biography Mary Wollstonecraft was a British feminist writer and intellectual person from the eighteenth century (“Who Is Mary Wollstonecraft?”). Raised by a violent and physically abusive father after her mother's death, Mary eventually left home to pursue a better life (“Who Is Mary Wollstonecraft?”). Though not receiving much education herself, Mary established a school for girls with her sister Eliza and friend Fanny, but it was shut down a year later because of financial issues (“On National Education”). Then taking up a job as a governess, she realized that an existence revolving around domestic labor did not suit her (Tomaselli). She next took up a position as a translator and publisher, and ultimately became an author with books such…show more content…
The scarce amount of women who were fortunate enough to obtain schooling sadly did not receive enough to meet society’s expectations, or lead a content lifestyle (Tomaselli). Wollstonecraft believed that education should be equal for both men and women. She argued that women are capable and have the right to be learn about important subjects, including reading, writing, arithmetic, botany, history, and philosophy (Powell). Wollstonecraft even emphasized the significance of physical education (Powell). She called for reforms, suggesting that schools be mixed regarding sex so as to “‘form a just opinion of ourselves’” (“On National Education”). As mentioned earlier, Wollstonecraft did her part to advocate for this by opening a school, but was forced to close it in a short amount of time (“On National Education”). Works Cited “Mary Wollstonecraft, Founder of Classical Liberal Feminism.” Laissez Faire, 20 Dec. 2011, “On National Education.” Mary Wollstonecraft - On National Education, Tomaselli, Sylvana. “Mary Wollstonecraft.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford University, 16 Apr. 2008, Powell, Jim. “Mary Wollstonecraft - Equal Rights for Women.” FEE, Foundation for Economic Education, 1 Apr. 1996, for-women/. “Who Is Mary Wollstonecraft?” Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline,

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