Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Plot Overview
The story of Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley,starts off with Robert Walton, one of the main characters in the book, on his mission to explore the North Pole. Walton is the captain of a ship heading to the North Pole. He writes to his sister who lives in England the dangers of the mission. Suddenly the mission is interrupted by impervious ice. While trapped in the ice Walton and his crew spot a strange figure in a dog-drawn-sledge. The following day they encounter another figure but this time it is Victor Frankenstein. He has also been travelling by dog-drawn-sledge but has been weakened by the cold. Walton brings Victor onboard. As soon as Victor Frankenstein starts to recover he starts describing to Walton his early life. After he finishes his autobiography he goes off into the present and confesses of the monster he has created. Walton’s Narrative ends and Victor’s Narrative begin.
He begins the story by explaining his early life. Then he goes to the time where he started university. At the University of Ingolstadt he starts to study natural philosophy and a passion for science sparks inside of him. For many years he research and finally finds the secrete to life.
After many years of seeking the knowledge of the creation of life, Victor spends many months creating an abominable creature out of old body parts found in the cemetery. Then, on a turbulent, boisterous night, in the concealment of his apartment, he brings his creation to life. However, when he looks at the monstrosity that he has created, he runs into the streets wandering in remorse. After a while, Victor encounters Henry who has come to study at the university. He takes his friend back to his apartment and Victor falls into a feverish illnes...

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...hat extent do you agree?
3. Is the monster naturally evil? What facts would you select to support the statement?
4. Come to a conclusion on why the monster killed Elizabeth instead of Victor.
5. Both Frankenstein and the monster seek knowledge to achieve a beneficial end. What evidence can be used to support the statement?
6. Why does Frankenstein’s creation never receives a name? Analyze this idea and come to a conclusion.
7. Hypothesize what would have happened if Frankenstein confessed his secret at the beginning of the story.
8. What would have happened if Frankenstein accepted the monster instead of rejecting him?
9. What does the book seem to portray about nature vs. nurture? How do you know?
10. Most of the story is narrated by the monster but the story is about Frankenstein. Who do you think is the real protagonist in the story: Frankenstein or the monster?
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