Mary Reilly Case Study

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Mary Reilly: Discussion Questions
1. How is Mary attracted to Dr. Jekyll?
Mary and Dr. Jekyll are drawn together. Dr. Jekyll starts to like Mary because of her experience of the dark side of man and also with her father treating her bad. Dr. Jekyll asks Mary throughout the book if she liked or disliked her father for abusing her and not giving the love she wanted from family. She continues to struggle with this question throughout the book. Mary is totally devoted to Jekyll. She believes she has found the best employer possible, but she also worries at his ailing health as he continues his "work" in his laboratory and the influences Mr. Hyde seems to have over him. She worries about more and more often and reminds more and more of her father.
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Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It takes place during, the framework of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which can be from the same or another author. It is inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson 's novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. With having two parallel books people can compare how his books are alike and how they are different. For example, how open Mary was with her feeling toward Dr. Jekyll by the end of the novel.
3. How has Mary Reilly personality changed from the beginning to the end?
In the past, Mary was raised by her hard working mother and abusive father. Her father often beats her in his drunken rage and locked her in a closet with a rat. Her mother found her and took her away. She enrolled her daughter to become a servant, so she could earn a living. Mary went to Dr. Jekyll home and believes this is the best home she has ever tended to. Mary now is quite sweet and kind, but mostly tends to keep to herself. The only person she has really opened up to is her employer, Dr. Jekyll. It is evident that she loves him, and would do anything for him.
4. How are Mr. Hyde and Mary’s father
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Mary’s father locks her in a room full of rats. Dr. Jekyll has been the good side where as his double is Mr. Hyde that creates all of the violence. Mr. Hyde haunts Mary as an adult by biting her neck. When Hyde bites her neck, Mary reacts with the same plea she made with her father. The quote was “Please sir, do not do this” (6). Another aspect is that Mary calls Dr. Jekyll “The Master”. Dr. Jekyll is always in charge of Mary even though in the novel it doesn’t say it, but as the reader, I could infer that he was a Master and in control of Mary whereas also Mary’s father could be referred to as “The Master”. My reasoning behind this is that Mary’s Father was very violent and abuse to Mary and was in charge of her as a child. 5. Does Dr. Jekyll like to act as Mr. Hyde when his evil side comes out?
Hyde is rewarded when Dr. Jekyll turns to him. Dr. Jekyll wants to be like Hyde when consequences catch up and then want to be Jekyll again. Hyde is the alter ego of Jekyll. It is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person 's normal or original personality and can live a double life. Hyde likes to be in control of Jekyll because he is of lower social
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