Mary Jane

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Mary Jane
The Story of My Search
My research on medical marijuana law’s, went fairly well. The research was tough at times, but overall it wasn’t as hard as what I thought it was going to be. The toughest part of the research was finding 3 or more different sources that were related. The first source had almost all of the information and questions I needed to know. The second source finished it up; and even though I had all of my information and questions, I had to have another source. So, I had to go and make new questions and then find another source for that; that part of my research paper is what took the longest.
I needed to know the legal limit in California, the misdemeanor amount in Virginia, and what states are trying to legalize medical marijuana. That is the main questions I needed to know, but there are some little questions that follow up with the major questions. There are many laws on marijuana in the United States, but some states have their own laws. Even though marijuana is legal in some states, rather than others, there are also regulations that follow that follow up with marijuana use and marijuana growth.

What I Learned
Even though many lung foundations and universities report that marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes; there are no connection between marijuana and cigarettes causing lung cancer (Little Known Facts in the Medical Marijuana Debate). According to doctors and scientists, marijuana is as safer than prescription medication and tobacco. Marijuana is not deadly, and is virtually impossible to over dose on. People that say marijuana is a “gateway drug,” they are more than likely against it; but it is proven that marijuana cannot cause a chain reaction of bigger, or heavier drugs ...

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...y time consuming, but I learned a lot of the things I needed to know; all the questions I wanted to know, was answered. There were times that I almost stopped, but I had to keep pressuring through it. There were many challenges in finding the correct websites and having many sources to look through; some were good sources, and some were bad.

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