Mary Barra's Analysis: General Motors Use Of Technology

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It can be argued that General Motors (GM) use of technology is what changed them from a reputation of polluting the environment with toxic waste into a new eco-friendly sustainable automobile company. Technology can come in many shapes and forms. “Technology is the combination of skills, knowledge, abilities, techniques, materials, machines, computers, tools, and other equipment that people use to convert or change raw materials, problems, and new ideas into valuable goods and services.” (Jones, 2013, p. 240) Less than a decade ago, General Motors had the reputation of producing gas guzzling vehicles, a management that cannot control its auto divisions and the whole company not caring about the world’s environment. GM used their four types of technology to change its structure, culture, and organizational effectiveness. The 2008 American recession threatened the very existence of General Motors as a maker of automobiles. Their bad reputation of being male-dominated…show more content…
They started from the top by selecting their first female CEO Mary Barra. “Mary Barra is going from a 33-year General Motors employee to the first female CEO in the history of big auto.” (Woodyard, 2013, p. 1) The hiring of Barra was not a publicity stunt, and it received praise for its aims at diversity. “The new strategy was meant more for shoring up cautious shareholders and potential investors. So, I think righting the ship is what they’re trying to do with this one. Acevedo said about announcements.” (Kennedy, 2014, p. 1) CEO Barra has worked for GM for over 33 years, and she knows the auto industry. She was an important part of the whole re-structuring of GM after the 2008 bankruptcy and bailout. CEO Barra understands the importance of technology use to become a leaner competitive company and to develop a corporate culture for greater organizational

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