Marxist Approaches To International Relations Case Study

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Marxist approaches to international relations
1. Source: chapter from an edited book
McGlinchey, S., Walters, R. and Scheinpflug, C. (2017). International Relations
Theory. Bristol, England: E-International Relations Publishing, pp.42-48.
The text first defines Karl Marx as an “internationalist” and looks at various appropriations of his ideas. First, World systems theory aims to understand how states developed in relation to each other and how capitalism formed. Three groups of states exist: the core, the semi-periphery and the periphery. Capitalism needs a peripheral group that provides the core with the means for a “high level of consumption and security.” The text continues with Gramsci’s notions – that
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In Australia’s case the amount of blue-collar workers in the
Fergus Ewington
workforce is at a low point. The proletariat or labouring class is being replaced by the services sector. A new kind of working class is thus formed. We must consider this and adapt Marxist theories accordingly.
4. Source: academic journal article
Malo, E. (2014). What should Marxism propose to International Relations?. Academicus International Scientific Journal, 10, pp.131-169.
Malo investigates historical materialism, a part of Marxist theory, which states that human societies and their cultural institutions were a consequence of economic activity and essential class struggles. He believes that Marxism is a significant intellectual alternative to conventional science. He argues that historical materialism is a normative and can depict “alternative systematic analyses in the disciple of IR”. He creates a need for a historical materialist turn in IR and an ontological reconstruction of Marxism. Thus, offering a new perspective on power relations, conflict and cooperation in international
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This system gives the working class democratic control. Further, productive resources are used to end class divisions. The organisation believes that the working class must instigate a revolution. Moreover, “socialists are internationalists” and Socialist Alternative dismisses patriotism and nationalism. They argue for international solidarity in the working class. Because socialism and therefore Marxism is an international struggle, the political ideology cannot be maintained in a single country. It is an international relations issue. They organisation supports the Marxist ideas of Vladimir Lenin, and his call to “turn the imperialist war between nations into a civil war between
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