Marxism Applied to the Modern State

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Elitism, Marxism, and pluralism are all political theories that can be used to understand how the modern state as we understand a live in it today functions. All three theories highlight the importance of different things and stress successes or failures of the state to be attributed to different functions or aspects of state operations. Although it is important to understand how different aspects of each perspectives can help understand how the modern state functions, it is imperative to identify most strongly with one theory in order to fully understand the modern state. Elitism speaks about an individual or group of powerful elites that govern the state, hold the power both economically, and politically. Marxism is all about the bottom line, the economy drives political power, that’s to say he how has the control of the most resources, and material forces has the most logical political power. The underlining idea behind pluralism is international relations, the idea that transnational actors do have an influence on the government of the modern state. This theory views all organized groups as being potential political actors, and the idea is that all these political actors mobilize support to achieve policy goals.
The definition of modern state is also essential to understanding which political theory best applies. For the purposes of this paper, the definition of modern state will be as follows: an organized territory with defined geographical boundaries that are recognized by other states has a body of law and institutions of government. A state that offers protection, order, justice, foreign trade and the facilitations of inner state trade in exchange for citizen loyalty. The goal of the modern state is to maintain order and...

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... in his works how the family unit as we understand it now came to be as a result of capitalism and the need to prove ownership of private property. The modern state is most evidently ruled by Marxist theories on capitalism. The gross domestic production (GDP) currently rules the majority of all social debates and choices made by all authorities. The money to have the choice is gained through the means of capitalism.
In our modern state, the economy, and production are most fundamental factor in our functioning society, no elite group or individual, or vote among many interested parties can over weigh our need to produce, and earn. There are factors of our modern state that may align with both elitism and pluralism yet, the bottom line is that capitalism, and Marxist theory best explains the biggest picture of the modern state, both nationally and internationally.
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