Marxism And Superstructure Of Society

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Marxism advocated by Karl Marx focuses on economic and social principles and policies that are superstructures of society. Karl Marx has a materialist view of society where the economic system shapes the society. As in the case of Belize, our economy is controlled by the United Democratic Party aristocrats. Whilst the lower-class struggles to meet their needs while working low wage jobs and the people have a materialist view on life. Marx’s view of society defines it “by the types of social conflicts” (Marconis, 2009). It is believed that the way the superstructure of society is set up every part of it contributes to the economic system. Politics, religion, education and family play a vital role in shaping our society and in flourishing our economy. This causes the few capitalist to exhaust power over the low class and it creates inequality and class struggle and a rise in social problems. Society’s superstructure from a Marxist perspective includes culture, ideology, norms, political structure and the governing…show more content…
The class system exists under social stratification where people are either born into wealth or they achieve it throughout their life time. In order to improve socio-economic standings around the world and here in Belize, people try to achieve social mobility by moving upward on the ladder. They struggle to change their social position, and this gives members of society a motive to commit crimes in order to meet there needs because of poverty. The root of all social problems is economic inequality; according to Mendez (2003), “the increasing rate of poverty that Belize has been experiencing owes to the vast opening in the midst of the rich and the poor” and the people commit crime as means of providing there basic needs or for social mobility. Social mobility influences us daily to fight the inequality and stagnation of our

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