Marxism And Imperialism Essay

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In Europe, starting in the year of 1800, there were many people who would be a part of different movements that would drastically shape the continent into what it is in present-day. Nationalism, imperialism, and Marxism helped shape Europe in the modern age in numerous ways. Each one of these topics would be very significant in the making of the newly invented Europe that is to be. These three points to helping shape Europe did not become known just out of thin air, though. The Napoleonic Era, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, was actually a stepping stone to nationalism, imperialism, and Marxism.
To begin with, the Napoleonic Era took place between the years of 1799 and 1815. These were the years that Napoleon Bonaparte was in ruling of France. His ruling brought a reshaping sense to Europe and helped it gain mergence against the French presence. The “war hero” status that he picked up along the years made him become conceited and a few other words that are not exactly positive words to describe a human being. Through this status he basically tried to take over the entire French culture. To add to his “war hero” status, he was crowned emperor in 1804 over all of the French. That was another pin on his shirt to making him even more arrogant and thinking he could rule over any human being he came in contact with. With that being mentioned, the Napoleonic Wars took place between 1803 and 1815, and was just that, an attempt to rule over more people. Through all of these actions, nationalism came into existence in Europe.
Next, one of the lectures Dr. McClanahan gave for the class defined nationalism as “the belief in the superiority or supremacy of a nation; attachment to a national identity.” This, in terms for the nation, is the people ...

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... been shaped by nationalism, imperialism, and Marxism. Nationalism helped shape modern age Europe by gathering all people of the same cultural together and showing pride in one’s nation. Nationalism has everything to do with culture and nothing to geographic boundaries. Imperialism helped shape Europe in modern age by increasing foreign trade, establishing Christian missionary efforts across the globe, developing foreign investment, and expressing an importance in “foreign wars” for all major European powers. It also helped create whole territories in Germany, Russia, and France. Marxism has helped shape Europe in modern age by allowing science to determine truth, laying way for people to learn more about history, and making known to the people that equality is the best way to live. All three of these movements have helped shape modern-age Europe in voluminous ways.
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