Martydom: The Great Escape and the Documentary "Death in Gaza"

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Recently having viewed an HBO Documentary, Death in Gaza, a new perspective has been revealed to me, about the true meaning of being a martyr. Prior to viewing this meaningful, yet informative documentary, I was unaware of the constant hardship and anguish those living in certain parts of the world may undergo. Life is not only a constant struggle, but a war too, between the Palestinians and Arabs, over land, religion, and many other aspects. Providing the viewer with a somewhat biased perspective of Palestinian life in Gaza, the HBO Documentary was filmed by a person who is known today for his documentary Death in Gaza, which informed others greatly about the impact of terrorism on children. Little do people know that children are negatively impacted by this war, and what seems to be an everlasting conflict. Exposing the human tragedy of war, Death in Gaza not only exposed the human tragedy of war, but also provided the viewer with the painful truth about life in Gaza. After viewing this documentary, the first feeling the viewer feels is of great sympathy, for those who are subject to this difficult life every day. Comparing Palestinian children’s lives to ours here in America, an uncountable number of differences are present. The majority of children in America would most likely remark that their lives are nowhere near as difficult as those of Palestinian children. Upon waking up from bed, most American children only think about what they are going to eat for their first meal, or which clothes they will wear. On the other hand, Palestinian children may think first about praying to god for their family members lost in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In both parts of the world, death occurs for completely different reasons. F... ... middle of paper ... ...assing; the lives of Israeli children were not able to be portrayed. Some bias may be present because of the fact that only one side of the story was depicted. Palestinian children are shown in this HBO documentary as having hard lives, especially because they are outnumbered. In the event that the lives of Israeli children were able to be shown, many similarities would have surely been present. Despite the Palestinians being outnumbered, they have also caused Israelis to be martyrs. Any viewer of this documentary will surely agree that there is a strong impact. Although some parts of it were difficult to watch, these parts clearly exposed the raw and painful truth about life in the Gaza Strip. Viewers of this documentary are sure to be enlightened about the human tragedy of war. Recommending this documentary is a must, because of its strong influence on viewers.

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