Martin Luther King's Speech Example Of Parallelism

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Blacks are special residents of the American continent. They originated in Africa. From the 16th and 7th centuries, colonists were massively trafficked from the African continent to the Americas and forced to become slaves in plantations and subjected to various kinds of inhuman treatment. This situation has lasted for more than a century. In 1783, when the founding father of the United States decided to abolish the slave trade and then the victory of the Civil War, the then President Lincoln signed the Declaration on the Emancipation of the Black Man, and the Negroes finally gained their freedom in law.

But more than 100 years after the Declaration of Liberation was signed in the 1950s and 1960s, racial discrimination and racial oppression
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He talked about a hundred years ago when Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation of the slavery and made a natural transition to the status quo of black life. Here, using the parable of parallelism and a large number of images to expose the unjust reality of the black people to the world, the status quo is shaped by the promise of the founder of the Republic "that it promises all people the inalienable right to survive, to freedom and the pursuit of happiness" A sharp contrast. Therefore, the author made it clear that it is time for the government to honor its…show more content…
Therefore, in the ensuing passages, Martin Luther King uses a series of magnificent parallels - the four "as long" statements clearly and vividly demonstrate the goal of the black civil rights movement that the struggle must be thorough and every Everyone must have a tenacious spirit of struggle and tenacity, no matter what kind of hard environment and painful experience they should persevere. He passionately urged everyone to return to those places most stubborn, insisted on fighting, do not despair, the day of victory will certainly come.

The last part of the article is the climax of the full text. The author used six "I dreamed for one day" poetry-like language and hearty parallels, positively expressing the desire for freedom and equality, and expressing his warmest dream as a Negro. He called for the early arrival of racial equality, human dignity and fraternity! He called for freedom and equality to be achieved in every corner of the United States! These paragraphs are full of emotions, literary grace, as if the rivers, plummeted, unstoppable, with a strong
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