Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” & Barack Obama’s First Inaugural Address

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama were both leaders in this nation, one who lead a movement and one who lead a nation. The two are not so different, they were the leaders of movements in the phases of America, Martin Luther King lead the civil rights movement given equality amongst the blacks and whites in America and Barack lead the movement of a new generation of democrats and republicans who seek for a new America.
Obama and King had different styles of speaking; Obama had more of the political and debating style and King’s way of speaking was a way he knew best from preaching. King’s way of speaking involved rhythm and repetition patterns, he would feed off of the audience and you can hear his voice rising in some parts. Obama was a very straight and narrow speaker, whose tone of voice made you want to listen in on his speech. Both of the men spoke in a way that grabbed your attention and if they lost your attention, they take that strong pause leaving you with wanting more.
Obama being a president of the newer America talked about the problems with the economy, unifying our nations in the world and the inequalities that still occur in our own nation. Obama states that, “We remain the most prosperous and powerful nation on Earth…Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.” By the time Obama got into office, America was struck with an economic disaster, countless natural disasters that still affected our country and the terrorist attacks that still left a hole in our country with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a time where we needed something new and something to push us forward in the future. The inequality in America that Obama spoke of being th...

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... in those times. Obama wouldn’t be in the place where he is now and the two complimented each other quite well in changing America for the better.
I feel as if both speakers are effective in their own way, they are effective speakers because look at they change both have brought upon this country. King gave that generation hope and spirit, because all had lost hope at that time. With the Vietnam War occurring and racial segregation contaminating the south, those were hard times for America and the people needed an uplifting voice. Obama came into office where the country was chaotic and swarmed with economic instability, natural disasters and a war. The country needed a new voice that we were waiting eight years for. Obama had the largest voter turnout rate and change red states to blue, he gave us the hope that the 21st century needed; it was different this time.