Martin Luther King's Argument Against Racism

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Racism is one of our world’s biggest issues. Racism has caused many deaths, outbursts, and violence. We can eradicate racism only through a peaceful stand for the love of humanity.There have been many violent outbreaks that people are resulting to because of racism. The outbreaks have been based on racism of many cultures and religions, such as Anti-semitism. People have set fire to black churches, and have been shootings of African Americans. Just because of the color of their skin, people think they are always in the wrong, or do not deserve the rights that other people do. It is our right, not just as Americans, to be considered equal, have freedom of speech and stand for what we believe in. As Martin Luther King Junior once wrote, “Nonviolent and direct action seeks to create such creative tension.” This suggests that we do not have to resort to violent outbursts, such as fires set to black churches, or shootings of people because people think they are in the wrong based on their skin color. 40% of adults believe protesting is wrong. A lot of the violence is caused by the protesting of racism. People choose to act in negative ways because they don’t like the way something is. People chooses to stand for…show more content…
Promoting racism is judging someone based on how they look or sound. In God’s eyes all men were created equal, it is only right that we see life through God’s eyes. People are judged because of their culture, what they do, and how they celebrate things. People have their own way of life that they are used to living. People are also judged by how they act or what they believe in such as their religion or heritage. Our family is our role model, most of us believe what they teach us as we grow up. Everyone has their own way to life, how they live it, and what they believe in, they should not be judged for
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