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Martin Luther King Jr. had played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement because he tried to fight for freedom and put an end too racism. The civil rights movement was a historical time in The United States history and more importantly in the lives of African Americans. This was somewhat the fight and struggle for equality for color people. Dr. King informed the movement by teaching them his non violent policy and to love those who persecute them. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an African American who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin was very religious because he took part of the church that his father and great grandfather had token part of, also his brother and uncle were also preachers. Martin was brought up in a religious household and this was one of the factors that had influenced him to be so into the word of God. (King’s offers a defense of civil disobedience that stands on the tradition of Henry David Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi). (Martin 3) January 1957 some of the leaders behind the Montgomery bus boycott had assembled in Atlanta, Georgia, and had later founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC. The SCLS had brought churches and some clergy from across the South, and which was created to coordinate protest inspired by the success of the bus boycott in Alabama. As its president the SCLC elected King, for he had played a major role in its creation, and had, from the beginning, and he had the outlook and intellectual spirit of the group. (Martin explains that his role as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference demands that he assist local organizations that call upon him) (Martin 2). He did much of the SCLC’s fundraisings by preaching and speaking in the North as well as South... ... middle of paper ... ...e believed essential to its success) (Peake 3). The march had proved the power of mass appeal and inspired imitators in the antiwar, feminist, and environmental movements. As highpoints of the civil rights movement, the march was for integrationists, non-violent, and liberal form of protest it stood for which was followed by peace-conscious. The March on Washington received a great deal of media coverage. As a result, the importance of civil rights and an end to racial injustice received extensive national and international exposure. Speakers at the event were given the opportunity to offer news organizations commentary after addressing the crowd. Following the protests in Birmingham, President John F. Kennedy spoke out against racial injustice in the United States. (President John F. Kennedy had just introduced legislation calling for equal rights) (Bjornland 10).

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