Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King is recognized by millions of people as a great leader and he is an inspiring man in our history. Still in this day Martin Luther King is one of the most influential heroes in society. He helped African Americans obtain their rights and liberties. Martin Luther King Jr, was one of the greatest encouraging leaders in the history of our nation. Sometimes a death threat on the phone would limit his strength but he encourage his dreams to bring segregation to an end. He had courage and was determined to dedicate his life into bringing equality rights to blacks through peaceful marches. He brought an end to segregation by creating events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, March of Washington which he delivered his famous speech “I have a dream” and the Selma March which led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Martin Luther King was faced with hatred and violence through his life. The moment that transformed Martin Luther King to stand up for justice. Martin Luther King received a dead threat over the phone. The threat brought him to the limit of his strength because his family was being threaten. King Jr went into the kitchen and sat down with his cup of coffee. He was ready to give up. However, Martin Luther heard god’s vice saying “Stand up for righteousness, stand up for truth; and God will be at your side forever” (Deats 38). After hearing god he was ready to face anything in his path. Martin Luther faced many tragedies. However, he continue to be committed to nonviolence. From that moment on, Martin Luther King moved on with confidence. It is normal for him to be afraid at times but he will not back down or quit. Martin Luther King is known for his belief in nonviolence which led ... ... middle of paper ... ...n and sent troops to protect the protesters. Knowing that the protesters were protected, Martin Luther King and thousands of marches continued the second march on March 21. In four days the protesters finally reach their destination.” Largely as a result of this King –led demonstration, the U. Congress passed a voting rights bill which authorized the President to suspend literary test and send federal examiners into Black Belt countries to register black voters”(Bennett 229). Martin Luther King Junior is a man that will forever be remembered for all he did for this country. His several accomplishments have change our society for the better and he will always be one of the greatest leaders of all time. He is an inspiration to many and a hero for believing in world peace and nonviolence actions. There is no doubt that Martin Luther King Jr was a great man in history.

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  • Describes how martin luther king organized the march of washington with different civil and religious groups for freedom and jobs.
  • Describes how martin luther king and his black leaders visited selma, alabama, to protest the right to vote.
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