Martin Eden by Jack London

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Jack London is among the many prolific writers from the United States of America who possess great artistic works ranging from great time novels ,short stories to plays just but to mention a few. He is fondly remembered for his great novel, ‘Martin Eden’ published in 1909. In the novel he tries to express the challenges faced by young writers who try to exploit their talent and passion in an area where little opportunities present themselves. This novel has stood the test of time with its relevance evident to date. It is a favorite to many young upcoming writers thus the main aim for writing this paper is to focus on the autobiography of Jack London as ‘Martin Eden’.

Jack London’s Life

Jack London was born in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to Flora Wellman a great spiritualist and music teacher. It is believed by biographers that Jack’s father was an astrologer by the name William Chaney. The author in his great time novel ‘Martin Eden’ is reflected as a rough innumerate sailor who had a great urge to be educated in a bid to have himself fit well into the society of the literary elite. Through intensive self studying, he struggles to rise higher than his devoid conditions of being born among the working class, he does this in an attempt to book himself a coveted place among the affluent. According to the context, the protagonist does this mainly because of his relationship with one girl named Ruth Morse. The author shows it out clearly that ‘Martin Eden’ is in an intimate relationship with the girl, however the two, though in love, come from very wide social backgrounds. While the former comes from a bourgeois background, the latter hails from a working class background. It is therefore paramount that for the two to ...

... middle of paper ... anything to secure his passion and not even her love for the girl would make him shift or even think of shifting his stand, the conversation brings out the author as a very determined, resolute and down to earth person who would stop at nothing to achieve his goal, this is also brought out through first person narration the author uses this style perfectly well to echo out his perception.


Finally the novel is considered to be London’s autobiography this is because it is a narration of his own life by his own self in the person of Martin Eden it should therefore not be confused for a biography. Jack London successfully expresses his sentiments to the wider scope of parties interested he notes and emphatically asserts that great writers get to the brim of their career and for this to be sure, they must resort to the same spirit as him.

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