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Professional Article Outline - Adapted Martial Arts I. Intro Children with autism face many unique challenges in everyday life. The challenges are multifaceted on social, physical, and emotional levels. Interestingly, traditional martial arts training is uniquely positioned to address all these areas of need. The traditional martials arts all have three basic components in training an individual: physical training for the body, mental training to discipline the mind, and spiritual training for the enrichment of one’s attitude about life. II. Background / Evidence In my thirty years both training in and teaching martial arts, I have encountered many success stories, where martial arts training helped a person with autism develop strength, character, and emotional stability through that practice. There is much evidence to support the fact that physical training promote mental well-being. Some of that evidence will be cited below, but it is simply a truism that It's hard to feel bad mentally when you feel good physically. Psychologists…show more content…
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