Martha Stout's When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday

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Ones normal reaction towards trauma is to avoid it, however the objective reality towards consciously forgetting memories unknowingly strengthens them. In Martha Stout's, “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday" the broad concept of trauma materialized through activities such as dissociation, serves as a protective mechanism that stimulates a person to enter a detached state, in which an individual completely separates his or her thought processes and memories. Plainly stated in Stout’s essay, “It is the case that under certain circumstance, ranging from peasant or unpleasant distraction to fascination to pain to horror, a human being can be psychologically absent from his or her own distinct experience” (427). The small perception …show more content…

However, if everyone were to stop and take a gander to forget their failures, society would not recognize that each and every person has something better to offer than their accomplishments. It is evident that dissociation itself can be seen as a problem. For example Stout’s patients encounter it on a daily basis, and unfortunately this labels them as “abnormal.” Nevertheless with the biased perceptive of seeing her patients as weird, they are no different from the man that blacks out at the movie theater. “This perfectly ordinary man is dissociated from reality. Effectively, he is in a trance. We might label his perceptions as psychotic, except for the fact that when the movie is over, he will return to his usual mental status almost instantly. He will see the credits. He will notice that he has spilled some popcorn, although he will not remember doing so” (427). In sum, someone who society would see as a “normal man,” also experiences something that Stout’s patients take on regularly, all in the end just to loss the negativity in their …show more content…

As an individual feels the dread of time and goes through the process of depression, the idea of dissociating themselves comes into play. Stout describes this throughout her essay as leaving the soul or describing it as “flying away”. It may seem as if some individuals are secure with their own identity, however that is never the case for the traumatic events that force each person to fall into a state of desperation and lose their self-conception. Meanwhile in Karen Armstrong’s essay, she describes how through spiritual practices some abolish all the negativity that surrounds everyone just to find meaning. Yet still the idea cleansing your mind from all trauma, to reach a safe harbor, where you feel relaxed and comforted is never the brightest solution. Due to the fact that when you lose a memory, you are short yourself of an experience. In both Stout’s and Armstrong’s essay, the willingness to dissociate yourself from the harsh realities of society with ease comes into question. In the end when one interferes with the interpretation of traumatic events, the meaning behind life turns out be blemished and left

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how martha stout's essay, "when i woke up tuesday morning, it was friday," argues that trauma materialized through activities such as dissociation, serves as a protective mechanism.
  • Opines that dissociation is better than facing the traumatic struggles of time. traumatic events can make or break people, but if one succumbs to the fear of trauma, they may cut their ties to existence.
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