Marry Me

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“Come on! Is everyone ready?” Salima heard outside of her dressing room. She chuckled. Mariam was of course the best maid of honor. She looked in the mirror and sighed. She was getting nervous. She didn’t want to go out there and find that Johnny wasn’t there or that he hated the dress she had gotten. “Sal! Can I come in?” She jumped hearing Mariam call to her. “Yeah sure!” Mariam came in with her hair down and beautiful green ear rings that made her eyes pop. She wore a beautiful golden dress, She had a black shawl around her shoulders for the moment and she had a bouquet of white roses. She looked perfect to Salima. She was her best friend and she was so glad to have her. “You look beautiful Salima.” Mariam smiled. “Alright the groomsmen and Johnny should be walking out in a few minutes. Then the bridesmaids and myself. Are you ready?” She asked. “I’m a little nervous.” Salima gulped. “Maybe we’re rushing this.” “Salima. Calm down. You know you want to marry Johnny. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the way you look at one another and I’ve seen the way you two are. You’re ready and you’ll be happy.” Mariam chuckled. “If not I’ll beat him up for you.” The two laughed until Hilary came into the room. She first squealed at Salima’s appearance and then told Mariam they were to start walking out soon. They left Salima in the room and she was alone once again. She looked over at the mirror on the opposite side of the room and blushed. She had been so dressed up. It was amazing how beautiful she looked. She wore a tight fitting white dress, she decided to go with the traditional color, that splayed out at the bottom which was trimmed with lace. She decided not to go with straps, which she was sort of regretting now. But she wore a few acc... ... middle of paper ... ...y're all I can see I don't know where Confused about how as well Just know that these things will never change for us at all If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” “You have a beautiful voice like always.” Johnny whispered as the next song began to play. The night was amazing, it was the only night she had ever really danced with Johnny. Everything was perfect. As their bodies moved in sync with all of the different beats and melodies, the smiles on their faces and the laugher of their friends and families there at that moment were something that would forever be remembered by the two of them. It was a moment where tortured and horrifying past wasn’t remembered. It was where past mistakes weren’t thought of and future ones were gladly accepted because the two were together. The two were able to face anything together.

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