Married with Children

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Married with Children

The television series Married…with Children started in late 1987 and had a schedule for thirteen shows. It came about from the minds of two directors named Amanda Bearse and Gerry Cohen. Their goal was to bring up a comedy series different than others in the recent past. The series was taped in Sony Studios and had brought up many controversial issues. For example, the third season of the show is the time when the show got increase fame. A woman by the name of Terry Rakolta, who lived in Michigan, had wrote to the studio that the show was out of line for public television and that it should indefinitely be taken off the air. As anyone can guess, this was the turning point of a slow improving show. The show drew attention from many aspects of life. Critics wrote in newspapers and the public spoke outloud. Finally, this was, with out question, the best thing that could have happened to the show. The ratings increased considerably and a comedy sitcom was born. Before all this happened, the two directors had auditions where they selected the following characters: Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy, Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy, Amanda Bearse as Marcy Darcy, David Garrison as Steve Rhodes, Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy, David Fastino as Bud Bundy, and Ted McGinley as Jefferson Darcy. There were a few other characters that were also involved that made the show more productive.

The location of the setting is located at the Sony Studios. Its described as a normal looking house. For example on the set there is a couch in front of a television and a kitchen where not too much cooking goes on. The house is located on 9764 Jeopardy Lane and is where most of the show takes place. There are still other places where the show takes place. For example there is the shoestore where Al works and the garage where the NO’MAAM meetings take place. Also Al and Peg’s room is also featured to show how much the two are not intimate with eachother.

In all sitcoms there is a basic unifying situation. This is a common theme that can be expected to be said or done. This can be seen on this show as follows: The Bundy’s are a stereotypical American family. Al Bundy is a shoe salesman who continually works on reliving his high school football fame and fortune. Peggy, a ditsy red head brings fear into Al’s eyes whenever she feels intimate with him or ...

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...ldren, the executives weren’t pleased. Leavitt said that one thing the executives said was, “ make these people obviously love each other. Show that they care more about their children.” Leavitt the replied by saying, “You know, you’re the reason why television sucks.” After that the show went on to be a hit anyway.

There was also a published article in the Los Angeles Times, which stated about the end of the shows 11-year run. The article states that the reason they canceled the series was because ratings dropped relative to the increased production costs. With Al Bundy receiving over five hundred thousand dollars a show and the rest of the casts salaries going sky high, Fox couldn’t afford the fees.


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