Marriage Vs. Divorce

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Staying In Marriage Instead Of Divorce for the Children

Imagine a child, whose parents just went through a painful divorce, they are having many problems physically and emotionally. Such as they’re depressed so they eat and gain weight, which can be unhealthy for them if they gain too much. Or they’re depressed, so they give up on life and have thoughts of suicide. Divorce affects many of children across the world, Although divorce may bring some relief to both parents, most of them have no idea of the damage that a child encounters at their separation. There are many issues and concerns that divorced parents must think about when children are involved. Divorce affects children in many ways such as emotionally, physically, academically, and socially. Although there may be some advantages to divorce, for example divorce is good if the child is being hurt or abused, by one of the parents. The reality is that divorce is bad for many children because it can make the children depressed, and because they have to choose which parent to stay with. Parents should stay in marriage instead of divorce for the sake of the children.

What responsibilities do parents have in divorce? Parents have many responsibilities in divorce such as a responsibility to their children, responsibility in fixing conflict, and responsibility in monitoring their children. According to Dr. Karen Ruskin “Children should be considered in the decision as to whether to stay together or not stay together.” (Ruskin). Parents have a responsibility in fixing conflict with their children; there are many ways to this, but two main ones are talking to the children and getting professional help. One of the last responsibilities a parent has during divorce is monitoring and...

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...ports that can help the children take their mind off the divorce and have fun.

Although, divorce is a difficult situation to go through, there are many pros and cons that can come from divorce, For example, divorce is good if there is conflict between the parents, which is affecting the children. Divorce is bad because it can make the children depressed, because they can have certain feelings of loss. Should parents stay in marriage instead of divorce for the sake of the children? Yes, in my opinion the parents should stay in marriage for the sake of the children because they need to think about the damage they are doing to their children’s life. Overall the decision to divorce is the parent’s opinion based on the situation he/she is in, According to “Conflict between parents-separated or not- can be very damaging for kids.” (
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