Marriage Is Defined As A Union Between A Man And A Woman

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According to the United States Constitution, as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court, marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman (“The Constitution of the United States”). It is one of the few pleasures most humans have a chance to experience. Getting married is generally depicted as a time of celebration and joyfulness surrounded by love ones and the person with whom one wants to spend the rest of his or her life. Restricting who marries whom threatens this rite-of-passage. However because of the recent Supreme Court decision, the ability to marry whomever one chooses is now one of the basic, fundamental rights in America. One should be able to “tie the knot” with his or her chosen partner regardless of gender. There are critics against gay marriage, such as Neil Monte Stewart, who believe the “core meaning constitutive of the marriage institution [is] always the union of a man and a woman” (“Marriage Facts” 321). He states that all the social goods of marriage are produced by the “man-woman meaning” and, therefore, must disappear when the meaning is deinstitutionalized (“Marriage Facts” 322). Proponents of Stewart believe that allowing two people of the same sex to get married will destroy the sacredness of the concept of marriage. Contrary to that belief, gay marriages do not threaten the sanctity of traditional marriages; they demonstrate what some conventional marriages look like in other countries and further indicate what a normal marriage could look like in America. Most social changes come with some controversy. On one hand, many will embrace and welcome the broadening of what a marriage could mean to include same-sex marriages. On the other hand, others will see this change as a great l... ... middle of paper ..., it is not a choice. Being homosexual is “something innate, ineradicable, and fundamental to one 's self-definition” (Goetting 142). These ethics ensure marriage’s significant value to all free people, and to all gay people, who are free just like everyone else. Defining a “traditional” marriage as only being a union between a man and a woman is very controversial because the term “traditional” could never apply to every country and culture around the world. Although the institution of marriage in America is one of enormous social value, it is still unreasonable to coin one particular type of marriage as “traditional” (Goetting 138). Yet, it is within every American’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to choose the person in which they want to marry and spend their lives. Ultimately, the road towards freedom of spouse, and thus marriage, is inevitable.

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