Marriage Is A Sacred Devotion That Can Only Be Obtained By Two Souls

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Husband & Wife In the Somali culture, marriage is a sacred devotion that can only be obtained by two souls coming to one. I’ve observed through personal experiences, and that of my family members’ views on the meaning of marriage greatly differs. To them the aim of committing to someone under God is a serious matter in which “marriage makes people holy, and not necessarily happy”. As a result, I’ve seen my friends, aunts, and mother constantly get disrespected by their so-called ‘husbands’ on multiple occasions. They have been verbally and physically abused by their enraged husbands. Because in the Somali culture you can talk back to your husbands or that is grounds for punishments. In my household, the same rules applied. I was giving orders to cook, clean, and take care of the children or I would be scolded by my husband. Power, dominance, and aggression are all common characteristic traits of a Somali man. And the Somali woman all validated and enable this type of behavior to continue. My husbands were no different, they treated me with the same respects my mother, and aunts received from their husbands. Also, when my husband and I would have minor disputes, my mother would blame me regardless of who was at fault. Women in my culture are very submissive and non-argumentative when it comes to their husbands. They simple nod, and sweep it under the rug. However, I deviant from the norm, and question everything in my culture and religion. This didn’t sit well with my family, and my husbands. As a result, I ended both marriages in divorces because I wouldn’t allow my husbands to disrespect me. Forced Love or Trusting Your Instincts My first marriage was when I was 16 years old. At that point, I didn’t fully grasp... ... middle of paper ... ...refree, normal life. I want to teach my children that they can challenge what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ on their own. I want them to enjoy growing up, and to adapt to the changing of their bodies and minds. I want to do things different from the way I grew up because I feel like everyone needs to own their mistakes, learn from them, and ultimately become a better version of themselves. That is the only way people will fall in love organically, and marry someone of their choosing. Conclusion In my life I’ve been though many tough, and excruciating moments. But with everything that is currently happening I feel good out my future with my children. I’ve learned that I have always been the black sheep growing up. And that could’ve been the reason why they wanted to marry me off so quick. But many good things have come from what my parents have done without my consent.

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