Marriage In Islam Essay

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Marriage is defined as the union of two or more people that creates a family tie and carries legal and/or social rights and responsibilities. It is a constitution that is followed almost worldwide. Different categories of people around the world have different norms and practices regarding marriage. In Islam, marriage is given special importance. It is considered extremely sacred. The Arabic word for marriage is “Nikkah”. Marriage is not compulsory, but if one feels he has the ability to do so then it is recommended. Marriage is a legitimate way to create families or even to satisfy one’s sexual desires.
In Islam, marriage is to be given consent by both parties involved. The to-be bride and groom have to willingly accept the marriage. It cannot be forced upon them. There is a marriage contract that is signed between the groom and the bride’s guardian, called the Wali Mujbir. If this contract is agreed upon by the two parties, then only the marriage ceremony or wedding can take place.
In the marriage contract, usually a Mahr is agreen upon. Mahr is an amount of money or possessions ...
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