Marner vs Cass

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In this child custody case of Marner v. Cass over custody of the child Hepzibah, the evidence will not fail to make clear the only plausible option in the matter. The esteemed Godfrey Cass is the obvious choice when compared to the dysfunctional example of a man, Silas Marner. A child custody case must put the concept of the Child’s Best Interests above all else when the court will make its final decision. The phrase “child’s best interests,” is generally agreed upon in a court setting to take into account the following; who is best suited to care for the child, what the needs of the child are, who can best meet the needs of the child, and any extenuating circumstances that could affect the health and lifestyle of the child. When we analyze the circumstances of the dispute over the custody of Hepzibah, it will be made apparent that Cass fits the bill for a caretaker in the child’s best interests. Godfrey Cass is the biological father of Hepzibah, meaning that in nearly any situation, he should undoubtedly have priority in the custody battle for Hepzibah. Circumstances voiding t...

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