Mark's Gospel and Aspects of Christianity

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Mark's Gospel and Aspects of Christianity


ao1- Describe and explain the central features of infant and

believer's baptism.

An infant baptism service

Before the actual baptism takes place, the priest will as the parents

and god parents of the baby a few questions:

'Do you turn to Christ?'

'Do you repent of your sins?'

'Do you renounce evil?'

The answers are given not only on behalf of the people themselves, but

on behalf of the baby also who cannot yet speak.

[IMAGE]In an infant baptism, the priest blesses the water in a

structure called a font, which can be seen in the picture opposite.

The priest pours this water over the baby's head three times,

addressing the baby by its name and the saying 'I baptise you in the

name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.'

The baby can now be anointed with blessed oil by rubbing into its

forehead to show that the Holy Spirit has come into the child's life.

This is practised by Roman Catholics and some Anglicans.

The priest may follow this by taking a candle lit from the large

Paschal Candle and giving it to the parents saying ' Receive this

light. his is to show tat you have passed from darkness into light'.

The congregation will now answer ' Shine as a light in the world in

the glory of God the father.' To this the priest replies 'God has

received you by baptism into his church.'

In an Anglican service, the congregation will now say 'We welcome you

into the Lord's family. We are members together of the body of Christ;

we are children of the same heavenly Father; we are inheritors

together of the Kingdom of God. We welcome you.' Othe...

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...nity. It gives the person a

certain feeling of responsibility and makes them feel as though they

are growing up and progressing spiritually.

I think infant baptism provides a firm foundation on which to build

the baby's faith, and gives the baby a spiritual connection with God.

The baby does not need to understand the meaning of a sacrament, God's

love will be just as strong, and I think that everybody should have a

chance to share God's love and membership with the church, regardless

of their age.


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