Marketing to Children (Violence in Media/Technology Dependency)

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Nowadays, the children of this generation aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago, and the media has a huge impact on that. Children eat, do home-work, and even play in front of the television, usually with no adult supervision. Psychologists around the world observe and study children, and they noticed that television and the media greatly affects a child’s behavior. Parents can help their child’s aggressive behavior from violent television with a few tips, and humans can make some simple changes to reduce technology dependency in the future. The media has an enormous impact on children and this can lead to increased violence and dependency in the future.
The media is a powerful socializing agent that can be very harmful. The television is different from most socializing agents, as you can’t interact with it and you have no say over the message that be being delivered. Children can’t differentiate fantasy from reality, which means they can’t differentiate TV violence from real violence. The Images of Society (2001) found “American researchers found out that aggressive students in school watched more television than less aggressive students” (p.240); what can this mean for the children? The children tend to want to act like their favorite character in the show (which can be aggressive), and the child would think that it is fine. The National Institute of Mental Health states that the side effects of violent television is, “child is more aggressive to others, they are fearful of the world around them and they become less sensitive to the world around them.” (2008). Children sometimes don’t even know when they are watching a violent show, but after, the children usually try to copy the negative behavior shown on the screen. Al...

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...sive because they don’t see a problem with it. Parents can limit the amount of television their child watches, and by simply doing that, their child’s behavior would change to being less aggressive. Along with the violence in television, people around the world are also becoming extremely dependent on technology and this would greatly increase in the future, for the simple fact that human’s believe technology makes everything easier.

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