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Marketing research tools are assets for every company, from MNE’s (Multi-National Enterprises) to small businesses and from specialized agencies e.g. WHO (World Health Organization) to smaller NGO’s (Non-government Organizations). It is an effective tool which provides the necessary information for companies to meet better the customer’s needs and to make better targeted decisions. Two cases are being discussed, the first one is the example of Uganda’s President Museveni, which will show us that information is needed in order to act more effectively against HIV. And the second one is the case of Judy Green’s Pottery which will show us how a small business can effectively grow its business by focusing on target groups.

1.1 Marketing research in AIDS Africa: a little achieves the unimaginable

The World Health Organization estimated 2 million people with HIV/AIDS in whole North America, Europe and Asia, in Sub-Saharan area of Africa the figure reaches the amount of 32 million. Therefore Uganda’s President Museveni, even Uganda is a poor country, commissioned about €25.000 to a series of inexpensive surveys to gather information in order to uncover why AIDS is still increasing. As the problem is being defined, descriptive research must be conducted to meet the objectives. Descriptive research is appropriate, to find information concerning demographics and attitudes. However, also casual research must be conducted in order to learn more about the relationship between cause-and-effect. The second step of Uganda’s president after realizing the problem was to free quite a few NGO’s to start campaigns based upon educational programs. Social marketing was developed in this case which had as a result the reduction...

... middle of paper ... toothbrush and mouthwash. L’Oreal instead sells shampoos along with mineral hair oil and conditioner.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, as we revealed in those cases, marketing is a science which offers exceptional tools to companies and marketers, to small businesses or NGO’s to meet customer’s needs and wants. We have seen Uganda’s encouraging example with the 50% reduction of HIV/AIDS infection and how low cost of surveys and social marketing resulted on that. Judy’s Greene Pottery, which through exploratory and qualitative research will continue its success. On the other hand L’Oreal is keeping surprise us with exceptional products and it is an example that is more than a product that sells. Colgate is trying to enter in the OTC market by offering generic products and gain faster sales revenues. After all, if we think deeply all around us is marketing.
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